Thursday, 19 March 2015

10000 Pageviews and way too many nuts

Amazed how quick things can progress and how many of you amazing readers inspect my blog every day I reached ten thousand page views today! I am so happy to share my experience in the UK with you and you like to read it :D And I also want to welcome the many new readers from the past weeks to my blog ;)
I also have exciting news for this special event. If I will get back from my England exchange I will continue this blog about my weekly activities in Switzerland, I will post pictures, talk about what is happening and also share my music with you!
I am also really happy because my favourite band Snarky Puppy and the Metropole Orchestra posted their first song of a brand new album called "Sylva" Take a peek here and enjoy the show!

But unfortunately I got some walnuts I need for my ongoing photography project and since I really like walnuts I ate way too much of them today. I hope my tummy will not punish me too much tomorrow :/
But thank you guys so much for reading and see you tomorrow ;D

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