Saturday, 20 June 2015

Having a visitor!

For many weeks I was very excited for my Italian visitor who I met during my exchange in England and who was about to come and visit me in Switzerland for the first time.
Then, on that day, after many hugs of course, we put all her stuff in the lockers at Zürich HB and I showed her around the town (which is tiny compared to many others..) We also had a lot of luck with the weather because on the forecast it said heavy rain but in the end it did not at all!
We also took a boat trip because on the day card she took it is also included :) This was the first time even I made a boat trip by myself on Zürich lake so after a while when we ended up on the wrong side of the lake I was a bit concerned but the boat went back to the right side straight afterwards.. Uff!
Then we walked back at the lake and ate nice lunch in a buffet restaurant and took the train back home. In the evening we made "Flammkuchen" with salmon. Very nice indeed..
The next day we woke up quite early (Marin's language: about ten AM) and went "hiking" up our home mountain. The weather was a bit cold and I think that's why there were no people. But we had a very pretty view up to Zürich and the surroundings and in the evening we went bathing in Baden including a little city tour :)