Saturday, 27 June 2015

Having a visitor #2

On the last Sunday me, my parents and my visitor from Italy went to Basel together. It is a very nice place with a lot of culture, museums, a nice river, old city and of course ice cream stands! Since I was there about two years ago for a week I knew the place a bit and showed them around. In the end we went to the Tinguely museum. It was a guy who made art out of scrap things quite a while ago and it is just fascinating!

On Monday we did another trip to Luzern where we took the cog train up the mountain "Rigi" (the queen of the mountains as we like to say) and there we did a walk slowly downwards. There we ate a lovely apricot cake and took the train back down on the side of the lake. Then we took a boat with a lot of people and school classes on it to Luzern. At the lake in Luzern where we saw a lot of little ducklings we did another tour at the lake and through the city with the enormous amount of tourists in it... :P

The rest of the week I basically stayed at home to study for school and do various things at home. But today I met up with my bro Timo to go to the cinema and see Spy. It was funny and we really enjoyed it. Afterwards at home we cooked dinner with my parents and enjoyed the nice and warm evenings :)