Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lightning Photographer :D

I had my first contract today! EF Zürich asked me if I could take some pictures during an info meeting they had today for future prospects and flyers. It was really cool and interesting, since I never got hired to take pictures for someone. I also had the ability to talk and give tips to students who are going to travel to the UK in the following couple weeks (and there was some free lunch). What more do you want ;)
This meeting also reminded me a lot of the one I had exactly a year ago.. Except we did not get the food back then... :P

In  the evening there was a lovely thunder and lightning storm on the weather forecast, but there wasn't any rain the whole evening.. Whilst we were sitting outside eating dinner, we spotted so many lightnings striking the mountain and that one crane, so I quickly decided to try and take some pictures of these lightnings. Two shots actually have some in and they look pretty cool :D

The trick when you want to shoot lightnings is actually quite simple: Just do a long time exposure shot (ex 30 sec) with a large aperture and when there are lightnings during your exposure time, they will be on your picture for sure ;) But you'll need to try the settings out for yourself to get the best results..

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