Sunday, 7 June 2015

Thunderstorms and the undertaker

Some of you might know that the Swiss TV Series called "Der Bestatter" or in English "The undertaker" is one of my favourites. It is a really cool crime show where the undertaker is an ex-police officer but still solves all the crimes for them.
Today they filmed a part the new series in a village next door (where usually there's nothing happening..) but this day there were a lot of people.

In the evening another thunderstorm was on the forecast, but this time it was way different. The lightings were in the clouds and just the clouds were lighting up all the time. I thought "Why not grab the camera again and try to capture that?" So I was standing with an umbrella outdoors and my tripod with camera in the heavy rain which was really refreshing at the same time because the whole day it was very hot weather. One picture came out very nicely and another one looks extremely noisy and green, but interesting too!