Sunday, 9 August 2015

Party Time!

Sorry readers for the delayed blog entry but I was at a very cool party yesterday at a friend of ours who turned 60 and I stayed there until two in the morning sitting around a firepit talking to my long not seen friends :)
On Friday I met up with some of my music-bros at a house of a friend to do a jamsession. We played so much and it was really cool! I missed playing with other people so much since I did not really have the opportunity to do so in my exchange in England.
I also met up with my best friend Timo that week because he has got a new puppy. It is so cute and we played around with it and cuddled it a lot! Last weekend I also went through all my photos of the exchange. All together it was about 12'000 shots! I really want to sort them out one time and make a collection of the best pictures of my year; that'd be really amusing and cool!