Saturday, 15 August 2015

Exactly one year ago...

Today, the 15th of August, one year ago I started my exchange year in England. I remember quite well how it was to just say goodbye to my parents and friends for nearly one year. I also started this blog back then and look at it now; we're already at 18'000 pageviews!!! Thanks a lot for that guys :)

This week everything got back to normal because I started my school again! I missed this school so much; there are so many amazing people there and I met even more last week! And the amount of music I am able to do here is just fantastic! The piano lessons and playing with my friends in the BigBand or just in one of the two hour lunch breaks and the music workshop which I am part of too! Or just sitting in the lovely park with them :D Also the food is lovely, they make it freshly every day and some of it even comes from the house garden!
I also got into a completely new class last week because I decided to repeat the year I missed (imagine all the maths you miss or french grammar..). The new class is really cool too like the old one! Sometimes a bit too loud but I think that's how it'll be.. The people are funny and nice to talk to but I love being around with my old friends too :)
One last thing I missed and not really realised I did was the classes. I did not have geography and all these other subjects for a year and I need to admit that it's really cool to have them again.

I also think summer is over soon because very heavy rains started in the last days and we had a couple thunderstorms.. It is now not 30 degree anymore (which is good because we had plenty of that!)