Sunday, 23 August 2015

Preparing for two concerts and planning awesome summer holidays

I had so much to do this week! Next to a lovely birthday party for my cousin I had lots of practise for next Friday's Sonafe. It's the summer nights party hosted by my school and they expect about 6'000 people attending this year! There are lots of different stands for food and drink and of course performances and shows of various kinds. In two of them I play too; one is the BigBand and another the Jam group I attend every week. This Friday we had a exercising session of three hours but I think we've got it now and are ready to perform!
I'm going to tell you more about it in the post that's about to come next Saturday ;)

I am so excited that we've booked for our holiday for the next summer holiday. We are going on a sailing boat into Croatia and I am sure that it will be just simply amazing!!

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