Sunday, 13 September 2015

First exams and an openair concert!

This week was really hard but also cool! We had our first exams in Maths and French and studying for some other ones for next week.
On Thursday I met with a friend to go to a free afterwork concert in Baden. It was a local guitar player with a saxophone and I think it was brilliant! They played a variety of songs from Jazz to Blues and so on... I've recorded a video of a song:

Friday morning a friend asked me to go with the bicycle to school. And I thought, why not give it a shot? And I think (in Summer) I will probably do that more often.
But on that day we also had to do a 5km run at the river with gym class and they gave us marks for it. It went actually really well and I think most people passed.

Yesterday there was a big festival in a city close to where I live. And some friends of mine played there with their band. Their style is Jazz, Reggae and Funk and I think that they play really well. They also write all the songs themselves which is a cool but hard thing to do! Also I met a lot of friends from my school there who obviously also knew the band and we enjoyed the concert together :)