Saturday, 5 September 2015

Animation Festival, Wind turbines and Concerts!

This week was the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Baden. I love going there every year because you see unique projects made by people all around the world. I went there this Thursday after school with a friend of mine. We were watching a collection of films on the focus of Poland and after that an international competition where you had to vote which one you liked most.. They are all very well animated and nicely drawn films, but some of them are just crazy or have weird stories.. Others though have really well made and touching stories too which made them even better.

But this morning was nothing with sleeping longer on weekends. I had to get up because I went to play at a concert in a music café at the day of education in my school. It was really cool! First of all we played with the music-workshop (the same as at the summer night party) but a bit less funky and more like café-music. After that I had a performance of a Bossa with a friend, me on the piano and him with a Djembe. It was really cool but also difficult to play because the room we played in had such a high resonance so it was hard keeping track of what the other played.

Thursday I always have three hours of Etna classes. It means experimental natural sciences and as the title says we always do various experiments on different subjects. The last three weeks me and a friend were working on a wind energy project. We have a huge fan to make a wind channel on the fourth floor and we got it up to nearly 20mph. In one meter distance we've put up a wind turbine on which we could change the angles of the blades. Then we measured the power generated by the turbine and which angle was the most efficient. It was so interesting!