Saturday, 24 October 2015

Choosing an advanced level subject: the swiss scholarly system

A few days ago I had an interesting discussion about different scholarly systems in various countries and how they are all different. So I thought: why not post about this and show you some pictures of the school I am going to at the moment.
So the school level I am on at the moment is the gymnasium which is called "Kantonsschule. It is the level before you start studying at uni and it is four years long. Now I'm in my second year there. Before that there's middle school (which is three years) and it's split up in three different levels. The highest is Bezirksschule, the second highest Sekundarschule and the lowest Realschule. If you want to get into the gymnasium you need to finish the highest of these first. And of course before these levels we have primary school which is six years long.
The school I am at now is really cool. There is a huge variety of courses you can take, drama class, lots of languages from French to Chinese and of course music classes like BigBand, a Jazz-Workshop, Instrument lessons, Choir and even more!
The school even has its own park with some ponds and a garden which is amazing. This is because a long time ago it was a monastery (but now it hasn't got anything to do with church anymore). The food is also really nice and you can sit and study in the nice rooms the school offers like the library.
You see: I love going to school there!

Last Saturday a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to help selling tickets for a concert. Of course I would! It was really fun, we got free drinks, had a lot of time to talk and heard two free concerts! It was so cool!!
On Thursday I also went to the Fantoche Best Of where they showed the films that won the competitions at the film festival in Baden. You should check out this one, it was really fun Johnny Express.