Saturday, 17 October 2015

Something that concerns me a lot...

I won't start this article with the happy thoughts and things that happened to me this week. There was something that happened on Thursday that really made me thing and concerned me a lot. I am sure you've read it on the news that an immigrant trying to enter Bulgaria was shot by the border police. The moment I heard this I thought "What on earth did humanity become?" I think this is the most awful thing you can possibly do. Some guy is trying to escape from a huge problem like war and what do you do instead of helping him: you shoot him down. I think that the view which a lot of people have on immigrants is shameful (not wanting to help and to get as less as possible in your region). Respecting your fellow human beings is what they teach you in many religions and from the moment you start kindergarten and at this point we really need to rethink what we became when the people who need help get shot down.
I am very concerned what is going to happen next, because you cannot stop the migration that is happening at the moment; So I am sure that if the immigrants will start to take down the border patrols and will no longer move forward peacefully it is going to be the end of our nice countries and the peace in which we live here.
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Now I will stop talking about this because you also need to see the nice things in life. So this week autumn really started, the rain, but also the leaves falling off the trees. On our open terrace we have a Japanese oak tree whose leaves turn nice red in autumn so I decided to take some pictures of them and they turned out very nice I think :)
Also yesterday I went with two of my friends who play the trumpet to their lesson and then the teacher asked me if I would like to play with them on the piano. I find this very nice because I love making music with other people :D

Have a nice week and see you next Saturday