Saturday, 26 December 2015

Family Dinner - Merry Christmas

Apart from having holiday, I had a very busy week! Lots of Christmas and for me it's nice to not have christmas for a year again.
On Saturday the grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncle came to our house, like every year. It was really nice; meeting up with the whole family again, cooking dinner together and just sitting and talking for a whole evening :)
Unfortunately there was no snow but I can live with that. Actually it was for our own good because the other day we walked with some other friends into the forest and made Fondue, the traditional Swiss cheese dish, over a campfire! And nobody wasn't happy that it was not extremely cold and snowy..
But Christmas here is so much different than celebrating it in the UK.. For example most British people already start putting up their Christmas tree before December or even earlier and they start preparing and getting presents months before the actual event. And when I was in England celebrating Christmas with my family there we already went to eat Christmas dinner just in the beginning of December which was a bit unusual for me. Here we just celebrate Christmas on the day. Another thing is the decorations. At my family in the UK the whole house was literally full of decorations and you could not walk anywhere without seeing something shimmering and blinking in various colours. We keep it quite simple here. Just a few candles and the tree decorated with not too much stuff. And the food also differs. Back in England you eat turkey or salmon (well you can get something else but it's quite unusual if you do). We always make something way different every year. I don't know if that is common but I really like the way eat on Christmas. This year for example we made a plate as a starter with lots of fruit, smoked salmon, trout, tomatoes, a bit of salad, sauces, and so on. And after that we had some meat with a mushroom sauce with Spätzle and beans. So quite the opposite of a traditional Christmas dinner.. :)

On Monday I will be going to Norway until the end of the holidays. Which means for one week. I am probably going to post every day so stay tuned ;))

Merry Christmas again and have a nice start of the New Year!!