Monday, 28 December 2015

Three countries in one day!

As I told you I went early this morning on the bus to Baden and then I took the train to Zürich. I checked in at the airport and after a very short time I was already sitting in the airplane to Amsterdam. But Amsterdam was (unfortunately) only a transfer stop. I'd love to visit Amsterdam too but my final destination was promising too because I would see all my friends again!
In Amsterdam I accidentally checked out because some stupid woman told me that transfer passengers should go through these one way doors but these doors where there for people to check out. Well great! Then I had to check in again which took some time but I was still in time. I met with Rose who is from Amsterdam at the gate since we were about to take the same flight :)
About half three we met our friends Lennart and Signe and drove to Signes house. It's a very pretty house! Lots of space and nice and cosy! The rest of the evening we just sat around, watched a movie and talked a lot :)

Anti-Icing spray they've put on the airplane wings

The mountain I just live behind! We flew straight past it!!

Amsterdam from above