Saturday, 12 December 2015

Today me and my family, we went Zürich to see a Christmas market called "Heiliger BimBam". It's a very unusual market, not with normal christmas trees and stands but some rather odd stands with things that people crafted themselves, organic chocolate from Zürich or organic bed covers and shirts. Personally I prefer these markets over the casual ones where people just go to take pictures. But at this market you could actually buy stuff that you can use in your everyday life. I bought for example a cool belt, a winter-flavoured organic drinking chocolate and some nice ginger tea :)

After going to the market we also visited another market that was more casual and traditional. But we all were not extremely impressed since we've just been at a great market beforehands. But we ate some nice food! We then went to the pretty cafe Schober which was lovely decorated and where we got nice tea and a Spanish guy played very melancholic melodies on his guitar (with the exception of our with for One Note Samba :)

See you next Saturday!
Marin :)