Sunday, 3 January 2016

Trip to Oslo and WiFi down

Dear Blog readers. I am very sorry for the delay of the posts which I promised the past few days. But the Internet in the region where I was in Norway was just gone.. Even the TV didn't work anymore and we had to watch the Sherlock Special from yesterday (which by the way was just brilliant!) over the cellular network :P
But I'm going to tell you about our trip to Oslo now :)
So in the "morning", with bus and train we went to Oslo. We had a really good time on the train and the view you had was really nice too! You saw the sea and behind it islands :)
In Oslo we went, after some of us got coffee and I asked the Starbucks lady for a gingerbread-hot chocolate (which you must try too.!), to the opera house of Oslo. It's a really pretty building with lots of sloped marble platforms on which you could walk on up to the roof which was available for pedestrians too!
After that we went through the city, and the others had the urge for some fatty food so we went to Mac Donald's which me and Lennart are not very keen of.. We also went to a really cool Hipster-Book and toy shop which had the biggest Dr Who fan stuff collection I have seen in a while! I also got a really nice copy of the whole old Sherlock collection!
After that we visited the castle where the royals sometimes live. On our way back some went to get some champaign for 24:00 that day since it was new years and me and two others went to get some food and drink in a lovely café where we later met up with the others to go back home.
Oh and oh my gosh getting train tickets in Norway is complicated! Like the machine does not accept 200 Crowns notes (which is 20€) and all of us only had these 200 notes.. So on the way there and back we had an enormous mess with people needing to lend each others money... Please Norway, fix this for the next time I'll be visiting ;P
But then we had a really nice time again the past days with hanging around, watching TV, playing board games and talking a lot! And I want to thank Signe and her parents again for letting us stay at their lovely and cosy home!
Oh and if you look at the last pictures: I didn't know that there were crows inside of Schiphol airport, that's a cool feature ^^

Okay enough text, let us get on to the photos ;)

And take a look at Signes Vlog and Lennarts Vlog!