Saturday, 9 January 2016

More Miniature Worlds!

Yesterday afternoon I met up with a good friend of mine to make some music together. I told her that I would like to do some more of these Miniature World shots and we thought that it would be cool if we'd do it now!
Quite a while ago I bought some more models of for example ice skaters and a hairdressing salon! So we thought that it would be great if there would be a hairdressing salon in hair.. It took quite some time until we got the lighting right but then the final shot came out great!

Otherwise there was not so much happening this week. With sports class we went ice-skating (ice-hockey) which was fun because nearly everyone did not know how to ice skate.
Also a lot of time got dedicated to study this week since we still have a few upcoming exams the next two weeks....

See you next Saturday!