Sunday, 31 January 2016

Waterdrop Photography

Last Saturday, as mentioned in the previous post, I've met two of my school friends to do some photography together. We have tried to take some pictures of water drops and some of them (especially the first one in the queue) turned out really well :D

First we had to make a framework to put a water-dispenser/pipette in it so the drops would always fall onto the same spot which is important for the focus to be correct.
When the whole setup was, after two hours, finally complete we started taking some pictures! And not every picture was great. It sometimes took half an hour of shooting until we finally got one we liked and that was interesting...
After some time we tried something else by putting this water dispenser which makes drops in intervals. We managed to create pictures where a water drop fell down and got pushed back up by the water below and then another drop hit it from above again! These shots looked like little plates or spaceships (or mushrooms ^^)

Here are some more generous shots we took with a normal pipette :)

In the following pictures I tried again something else myself: I held a screw above a nut and dropped them so the nut would hit the water first and make a splash which would then look like the splash of a bouncing screw!
It took lots of attempts but in the end it worked out :)

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