Saturday, 6 February 2016

Swiss-Trip #1

Last weekend I went with a good friend of mine on a day-long train trip through Switzerland :D

Early in the morning we met in Baden and took the train to Zürich.. We decided to only take InterCity trains because they are much nicer than the IR ones.. So we took the train to Solothurn, which is a very pretty city in the mid-west of Switzerland. Especially the old town is gorgeous and luckily for us there was just a market in town which we took a stroll through and I got some chocolates for my parents. One other very cool thing was a free-to-use book shelf in the middle of a square where people could put in the good books Not much later we already took the next train which lead us to Neuchâtel, already in the French part of Switzerland. We walked along the lake, through the University next to the huge stadium and drank a hot chocolate in a pretty café next to the old town.
Since the lake was very windy there were huge waves in the lake and with the pretty mountains in the background and the seagulls flying by I got some really cool shots of the scenery!
Then we went by train to Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It is, too, a really pretty city where I have been many times but my friend has not often been there yet. We walked by the federal building of Switzerland, to the river which we saw from the cathedral-park and we strolled through the old city too where there were some pretty shops and a lot of musicians playing street music!

I am now on holiday and I'm sorry but there there won't be any post next week... But I will do my best to write a very interesting article about my trip to Cuba!!!

See you!