Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Time!

Just yesterday I was at a really cool Jam Session with a good friend of mine in Baden. We played a bit with random people which was quite fun and we had a great time :)
Since Easter is this weekend the Café of our school made a little photography / videography contest and the person who submitted the best picture won a ginormous chocolate rabbit! Of course I would participate! Photography AND free chocolate :)
But in the end I only got second place which was all right too (I got a bunny which was a little smaller) and the ones who won really earned their price since they probably had a lot more work to do than me with their video :)
I'll show you my picture as well though:

My dad was on a little trip to Italy last weekend and he brought home a little easter gift. I think its really funny because both the tiny bunny and the huge chocolate egg is from Lindt (which is a Swiss brand) but we all have never seen such an egg before. There's a really big difference in size of chocolate easter gifts in these two countries!
But I'm looking forward to trying the huge egg too :)