Saturday, 5 March 2016

Young Composers Project and my 18th birthday

I just returned from an amazing weekend at a composition course but first of all I apologise for not posting last Saturday but I was very busy celebrating my 18th birthday and I think that you had enough content to read with the entry about Cuba...

So on Friday, just after school, I was in a little hurry getting my suitcase from my mum who took it with her to work and then get on the train to some village in the south of our canton. And now you'll think what I was doing there.. Well every year two students from our school and some from other schools can go to a composition course which is split up in 6 pieces until September next year.
There we will learn how to write and compose own music projects which will then be played by an ensemble of the course. The first weekend was already great and I've learned a lot! So I am really looking forward to the next weekend :D

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