Saturday, 23 April 2016

A hike in the Swiss Alps

Swiss people, even if the weather isn't to good, love going on a hike in the mountains. And that's exactly what me and eleven of my classmates did from Monday until Wednesday.
All of us took the train in the morning over Olten (where we bought some stuff to eat) and over Luzern to Dallenwil. It's a small village in the middle of Switzerland from where we started our hike.
And yes, the weather wasn't too good.. I was literally hiking all the way up with my umbrella open and I think it was the best idea I had that day!
At the bottom of the mountain it was raining a lot but around the middle of our hike there was already snow. And that snow slowed us down a lot! In the end it took us about 6 hours to get all the way up through the deep snow until we reached the SAC-hut.
We were the only ones staying there and therefore we had the whole living room for ourselves. It was a really cozy place with a fireplace and we talked and played card games the whole evening.
I made some cards for a game called "werewolves", where there's a village with a couple of wolves in it and the wolves' objective is to eat all the normal citizens and well the citizens' objective is to get rid of the wolves; a very fun game for a large group!

The next day was very relaxing. We slept for a long time and then went out in the snow to have some fun :)
There was a woman passing by with two dogs and she made a stop at our hut. So we took the dogs for a little walk in the snow and me and my friend took some funny photos of them..
Later, again, we played card games and enjoyed our day up there.

On Wednesday we were already on our way back down to the village. And the weather was gorgeous! Not even one single cloud in the sky!! And I am sure that the walk down only took us half the time we had for walking up the mountain ^^

I can really recommend this hike onto the Brisen but check the weather forecast first..!