Saturday, 16 April 2016

Milkyway Photography

Now, since we are on holiday and have a lot of free time, me and two friends of mine decided to go to the Schwarzwald which is at the border from Switzerland and Germany to take some pictures of the milky way. We went there because on a light-pollution map it was apparently the darkest spot close to us. And there are nice backgrounds with all the trees.
So on Sunday Davids mum picked me up and we arrived around ten at night at that particular spot. There was a little farm and we asked the farmer if we could park our car in his backyard.
We walked a bit to find the perfect spot for our shots and took some pictures of the moon. But since the moon was still up and really bright we had to wait for it to set and for the milky way to appear further up on the sky. So we went back to sleep in the car.
At half past one in the morning we woke up and it was freezing cold outside! But it was as dark as it could possibly get which meant we had the perfect opportunity to take good pictures of the night sky! And we stayed until 3:30 outside, so nearly two hours!
We took pictures of some different angles and one where I am as a silhouette visible in front of the milky way. It was so much fun and I think that we will try this again sooner or later :)

By the way I also made a Flickr gallery if you want to check it out ;)