Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lots of concerts!

On Monday evening, me and my parents went very spontanously to a concert in Zürich... It might not have been the greatest Idea since I had to wake up around half seven in the morning, but it was totally worth it!! I would say one of the best concerts I have ever heard..! (You can see some video footage ->here<- and you can get to Cory's Website ;)

But I did not only go to concerts this week, I also played at the Rock and Jazz night of the Blues Festival in Baden :) It was a really cool performance and we had a great time playing in front of quite a large crowd!
On Thrusday I went again to the Blues Festival with two friends but only to watch and learn, and yesterday there was a Jam Session in Brugg where we played a bit. Later in the evening I went onto the old Castle Ruin to meet some of my friends from school and we had a lovely evening :)