Sunday, 25 September 2016

EF City Escape - Lake Cinema - Concert

Putting all the exams we had aside, this week was awesome!
Yesterday morning, the holidays already began, I had to wake up early again.. I went to an instrument store in Baden to get a thing on my Flügelhorn fixed and to get some new mouthpieces to try out.
Then I took the train to Zürich. I had an ambassador meeting with EF, the organisation that planned my exchange. The programme me and many other ex-exchange students had this morning was really cool! We played a real-life game, split up in groups, where we had to follow along clues and hints and think logically to solve a crime scene in a park in Zürich. It was so much fun and we had a great time :)

Later on I met up with my mum to get a few new clothes and wander around the city for a bit. A little later my dad joined the crew too and we went to a cinema on the lake (because at the moment there's a huge film festival in Zürich). The cinema was a wood-build on the lake where you could also get a drink and enjoy a free movie in the sunset!

Friday evening I visited a Barock concert at our school performed by the school orchestra with some guest players. It is not really the type of music I usually listen to but it was very interesting and we've enjoyed it a lot!

Finally, last Monday, all third class of our school had to run 8.5 kilometres around the lake! For some people it was not so cool but I enjoyed it quite a bit! The weather was perfect and if you run with the right people you are motivated to keep your pace until the end :)

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