Sunday, 19 March 2017

Songcircle, Royal Slam and a new Setup!

This week was really cool because I could attend multiple cultural events! First of all was another Royal Slam this week, with an awesome dance performance by my Salsa teacher, a really interesting and funny cartography presentation and a slam poet from Basel who slammed about his sad life as a primary school teacher :D

I also produced a video this week about sustainability at our school, we even won a price with it! But unfortunately, I only talked in Swiss German which means you probably won't understand a thing.. But here's the Link

Also, on Wednesday, my godfather invited me to a song-circle. It's a type of concert I've never been to before, where the artists literally sit in a circle and go around in circles performing their favourite songs together! Such a unique and fun concept, I really enjoyed it!

Last but not least I finished my new recording setup at home which, in my opinion, turned out really nicely :)
Oh and I hung up to new paintings I got from London :D