Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cookin' in Saint Ursanne

After the week I've spent in Ligerz singing all day long one might think "well, now he's clearly done enough camping for this holiday". Well, no. I went, again, for half a week into the Jura. It's a french part of Switzerland in the north-west. The camp was in St. Ursanne, a gorgeous small village in the middle of the mountains, but unfortunately the weather wasn't as gorgeous as it was in Ligerz. Lots of rain, snow and hanging around indoors. But it was a lot of fun too and I think I levelled up in chopping vegetables ^^

On Thursday our new music group "Upright" also had the first performance at a Royal Slam. Here's the Link to the videos ;)

And finally, yesterday, I went onto a little boat trip in Interlaken with two good friends of mine. It was a lot of fun, we talked a lot and had a great time :D
There, too, I took some pictures ;)

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