Saturday, 15 April 2017

One week of Monteverdi!

Spring has sprung, at least during the past few days I've spent in the choir-camp of our school. It was such a blast! On one hand we had to practise our Monteverdi for nine hours a day which was a pain sometimes, especially for voice and back, on the other hand we also had quite some free time which we spent outside playing Frisbee, lying on the grass on the lakeside or jammin' on one of the many pianos which were just standing around in the house :)

One really early morning I went up the hill to capture the sunrise with my drone, the lighting was so lovely!

In the late evenings we often sat at the lake singing songs and enjoying the first warm nights in this year!

On Thursday, the day we went back home, me and two friends decided to take the boat back to Biel because we all have a GA (a card with which you can literally travel around in the entirety of Swiss trains, buses and boats). It was a great idea because the boat trip and the view on the lake and mountains were amazing :D

In Biel we wandered around for a bit and then sat down at the river eating some chocolate.

Oh and just a funny picture of a guy who was sleeping with the jacket over his head on our trip home ^^

Today I had another band practise for our concert next week on Thursday (which by the way I'm gonna film and share ;) and now I'm off to cook in another camp with some of my friends in Jura, the north-west of Switzerland. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you and some cool pictures next post!