Sunday, 28 May 2017

Creux du Van

A long weekend with a lot of stuff to do! Besides loads of schoolwork, my parents, a good friend and I went hiking to Creux du Van. We took an early train on Friday, first to Zürich to pick my friend up and then via Neuchâtel to Noiraigue. It's a really tiny but pretty village in the Jura, the mountains in the north of Switzerland.

There we started our hike, and we were not alone! Many others also walked up that mountain to see the spectacular view! It's a natural wonder, The Creux du Van is a natural rocky cirque. Many years ago it was created by natural water erosion from a local glacier and still looks magnificent!

I need to add that it was also the perfect place to take pictures with my drone! My friend also had a drone with him,  and we filmed a lot. I've still got some editing to do, but I'm sure that the video will be awesome :D