Saturday, 29 July 2017


Something I wanted to do for a long time was planning and spending an entire week only with some good friends on holiday. And now it finally happened!
Three friends and I booked an Airbnb apartment in Berlin for five days and had an awesome week there! Here are some of the things we did:

First of all, we had to wait a little more than three hours at the airport for our delayed flight. But after all, waiting so long is not a bad thing at all if you have great people around to talk and of course, take a lot of silly airport pictures:

Then we arrived in Berlin and were already in a little hurry because I booked one of the free visits to go atop the roof of the Reichstag and with the flight delay the time was only enough to just throw our bags in the apartment and leave again!
But it was worth it because from that roof you had such a gorgeous view on the entire city of Berlin, and the architecture is really nice too!

Talking about architecture, here are some shots I took of a really pretty and modern office building we came across walking around the zoological garden.

Yes, there was a real-size R2D2 and a Han Solo Statue there :o

In the building, there was a lift, but we were only allowed to drive up, not leave the life and then descend again

On Friday the group split up, temporarily. One part was going to see the Natural Science Museum and Ronja and I went to an art-school, where you could also study architecture. Since we are both interested in architecture, we really enjoyed it!

An old printing facility which is still in use today for different classes

One of the current architecture projects was to build a stable bridge. Quite cool!

Not finished with architecture yet! Linus and I went to the Jewish Museum, I must admit it is a gorgeous building and the exhibitions were great too! One thing you also can't forget if you are to visit this museum is to go to the cafeteria and get yourself some lovely, house-made cake!

One of the exhibitions was about headwear for women in different cultures.
Really recommendable!

Ronja and I both love to dance Salsa, so we decided to meet up with our dance teacher on Thursday night to go to a Salsa party. Besides the music being extremely loud, we enjoyed it a lot.
A friend of our dance teacher talked about her organising a theatre performance. It was called Scotch & Soda. Suddenly I realised that this was the performance my parents recommended me to go to and we booked tickets. We even got ourselves huge discounts, because she booked them for us!
And the jazzy, acrobatic performance was just cool. Good music, a cosy atmosphere, good food combined with sick dance moves, circus-like acrobatics and a glass of Scotch; just amazing!

Last, but not least, we visited the fleamarket at the Mauerpark on Sunday. I've been there once, haven't I (Dresden-Trip).
It was amazing, so many people and freshly pressed fruit juice made the stay worthwhile.

One of my favourite pictures from the trip!

At the Mauerpark, there's every Sunday a huge Karaoke! Many of the performances were great, nice voices and funky songs! Naomi really wanted to sing as well, but unfortunately, the time just wasn't enough and there were way too many hands up in the air for the organiser to choose who could sing next.

An unusual street artist. He performed in silence and you had to put some headphones on to be able to listen to him. I loved the concept!

Then, it was unfortunately already time to get back home. Luckily no delays this time! And the view out of the aircraft was lovely!