Sunday, 23 July 2017

Midnight trip to Ticino

Sunday, two weeks ago, my friend and I decided to go to Ticino. But it wasn’t quite the usual trip. We left at around seven PM and arrived at one thirty on Monday morning. We took this day off at school just to take pictures of the stars.
For preparation, we checked out some light pollution maps and saved three different spots. One of them was near Vals at a lake which certainly would have given some cool shots of the stars with reflections of them in the lake. The second one was on top of Gotthard mountain, where there’s a road going over it. And the third one, well, was quite some more hours away down some Valley in Ticino.
The reason we’ve decided to go there for our little photography exhibition was that I’ve checked could maps on my laptop while we were driving down there. But the only one of the three places without clouds obviously had to be the one furthest away from where we left! Well, it was totally worth it!
Besides having temperatures at night around 20 degrees Celsius we had a crystal-clear sky with no light pollution anywhere! We even slept outside in our sleeping bags and it was quite warm.
And the best thing was that we’ve, accidentally, landed in the Verzasca Valley, a very famous touristic spot which is normally flooded with people during the day. But since we slept there, we were literally the first people wandering around the cold river and taking pictures :D