Sunday, 14 January 2018


Being a flight attendant is a quite a cool job, says my friend Olivia who works as one. She can go to so many different places on the whole planet, spend some time there and earn money. What a dream! She works at Edelweiss, and there they don‘t just go to many cool locations but they can also spend a couple of days there. She invited me, only a few weeks ago, to join her to go to Mauritius, an island next to Madagascar in Africa. She has already been there once.

After an eleven hour flight to this small island, the whole crew went to our hotel called Tamassa Resort in Bel Ombre. It‘s a lovely place next to the ocean with lots of activities like watersports, a spa and a great buffet. But in the end we did not spend that much time there; we wanted to see more of the whole island. After a day of spa and walking on the beach nearly missing dinner, we hired a bike on the second day to go to Le Mourne, a mountain in a nature resort. It was about 1 1/2 hours with the bike one way. The landscape was really lovely, but the fact that the weather was not that nice and it rained every half hour for a short period of time made the whole trip far more interesting! It was a constant guessing when we could stop to take some pictures, even take out the drone to take some aerial pictures or if it was going to rain again soon!

The moment we arrived at a sports centre that was located it started raining extremely hard and we had to seek shelter. Whilst asking for some water by the locals who were working there they told us that the rain wouldn't pass that quickly, it could be raining for several more hours! 
And then we were asked by the guy who gave us some water if we would like to join him on a little boat tour because he had to drop his friend off at the other resort. So we had the free opportunity to get on a speedboat ride, which was totally amazing! The rain hitting our backs felt a little bit like needles though.
After cycling about half an hour we made it to a little restaurant by the road where we ate lunch. A local curry with chickpeas and some sweet fruit! Delicious!

For our last day in Mauritius, we were thinking about going to Port Louis, the capital city on the other side of the island. First, we wanted to take a bus, but that would take about two hours to get there and the buses were not that great, but then we stumbled upon a TripAdvisor link that leads us to a local cab company where one could hire a cab driver for an entire day for only around 50$.
I think it was the best idea we've had during our stay in Mauritius, because not only did he drive us around the entire island, he also showed us a lot of awesome places like this Hindu-temple in the mountains with a sacred lake:

He also showed us some lovely viewpoints and around the city!