Tuesday, 20 February 2018


So, I haven't posted for a while, but now it's time again!
Last Sunday Philip and I went to Paris for a couple of days, just until our classmates from our music class arrived too. We thought, if we go to Paris, we won't only go for four days, but stay two days longer!

In those two days, we did a lot of cool things! Next to visiting some touristic attractions like "La Tour Eiffel" or "L'Arc de Triomphe", but we also went to the "Jardin de Plantes", a huge park with lots of interesting museum-like "La Grande Gallerie d'évolution" and a huge dinosaur museum!

Besides that we also spent half a day in the "Centre Georges Pompidou", one of the coolest modern-art museums I know. After waiting in line for quite some time, we finally got to look at the great exhibitions and drink a hot chocolate at the top of the place!

By the time the others arrived, we've already checked in to the second Airbnb; a lovely place which was totally made for a big group! After jamming a little bit with the others, we went to see a concert called "Swing Lenny" in the "Philharmonie de Paris". I enjoyed it a lot because it had a lot of nice harmonies and the funky polyrhythms.

We also went to a museum which had a chronological exhibition with instruments from historical times to modern synthesizers and other electronic instruments.

We also visited the opera and saw two other concerts in the theatre of Paris. "Dialogues des Carmelites" and a Beethoven Concerto.

The last thing Philip and I did, while the others went onto the "Arc de Triomphe" was to go to the "Galerie de Paléntologie". There they had enormous skeletons of whales and dinosaurs which was quite impressing!

Altogether the trip was really nice, the concerts were amazing and we had a lot of fun together!

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