Monday, 6 April 2015

Changing people and HAPPY EASTER!!!!

This day I was just preparing myself for an amazing next week! It is going to be so cool since I am going on a trip to Scotland :D You're excited too? There are going to be some interesting posts for SURE! But another really cool thing (besides doing homework) was that I could call my two best friends in Switzerland :)
Do you remember the day last week when I made the fish for dinner? Well there was also cream-spinach with it; a dish that I really like too.. So my hostmum told me that she never liked spinach in her whole life and now she does, because of me!!! That is so cool, I actually changed her taste on something.. So for todays supper guess what she made: cream-spinach! I am so happy now :)

And don't forget: HAPPY EASTER!!!

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