Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lights in the Streets and first snow!

On Wednesday evening I met with a good friend of mine to go to Baden. Every year in November, when the weather gets colder and the people start wearing jackets, our city puts up very pretty Lights in the streets. It started to become quite a tradition and these lights are famous in the whole country. Baden even won the price for the prettiest Christmas lights in Switzerland!
Just when it got dark, there was a little theatre in the middle of the city and then, with the sound of dozen children's bells they turn the lights on.. Oooooh!
I also took my camera with my with the new (old) 50mm lens to try and get some good shots of the lights. I did not focus them, so they looked like big, round blobs of light which looks a bit better I think.

Yesterday evening there was also a jamsession in Baden where I went to. It was really cool because I have met lots of my friends there and played music with them :)

Ah and of course the snow!

See you next Saturday :)