Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter came this week!

It was an awesome week! First of all I got a drawing tablet really cheap and I was editing and painting a lot! You'll see one I've made below ;)
Then, on Monday, we went with our class to the theatre to see "the visit" by the swiss play writer Dürrenmatt. I've already seen it once but this production was a lot more interesting, modern and fun to watch!
Next week we are going to have two concerts with the BigBand of our school where we are about to "fight" the Jazz Orchestra of the Kanti in Aarau. I made some posters to hang up around the school :)

Yesterday evening I also met with some classmates of mine to cook something together and watch a movie. Later on in the evening I went with a friend who was there as well to take some pictures for an art project which they ought to do for school. They wanted to do some light painting with lcd light that they've put onto a bicycle wheel. The results look really cool and I will show you as soon as I have them too!