Friday, 15 May 2015

Last actual school day!

Next Monday I will have my final exam on psychology so not any more actual classes..! I cannot believe that it went that quick. All the things people said that after Christmas the time is going to pass in the blink of an eye (well maybe a tiny bit slower..) , but it actually did! I still have the feeling that I just arrived here in the UK yesterday and I still don't know all the things about the people here, their culture, sights etc... In school when we had English class we obviously often read about England, stories from around here and they tried to bring us their culture a bit closer; but it is never as cool and exciting as actually living here like Englishmen and starting to understand every funny little detail, sayings and insider stories.
I just want to thank everyone I met in this year, all the people that supported me and showed me new stuff every day and of course you guys who read my blog! :)