Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Lego 3D-Printer and very rainy weather

In Switzerland, in my school level, you can choose one subject which suits you the most. I chose one called "Experimental and Technical Natural Sciences" (AETNA). It's very unique (compared to Latin) since you make a lot of experiments.
In the past months we had to work on a Robotics project where we worked with Lego EV3. You can basically do anything with some sensors and motors and a little bit of programming skills..
So me and two of my friends decided to make a 3D-Printer as our project, which was quite hard. And after spending a lot of time building it, writing a lab-journal and programming it, we also had to make a film which I would like to share with you!
You can choose an ENGLISH or GERMAN version of the film :)
I hope you'll like it ;)

Another thing this month was the very bad weather. It literally rained every day, there were a lot of thunderstorms and flooding. But last week I looked outside and the lighting was so special that I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the rain which turned out very nice (: