Saturday, 25 June 2016

Starting a new Instrument and new Lightning Pictures

For a very long time I have been wanting to learn a new instrument and now it's finally time! I took an exam in school (which was surprisingly easy) to get free lessons for a new instrument.
I chose the Flügelhorn. It's a very mellow horn/trumpet and I love the sound of it! And now I just need some time to practise :)

Yesterday evening, after a BigBand concert, there were heavy thunderstorm warnings in our region. So of course I grabbed my camera again and took some more pictures of the lightnings; avoiding the errors I've made last time...
And then it started raining and with the rain showers the real lightnings started to appear outside. I could not resist, got myself a plastic bag, made a hole in it and put it over my camera (leaving the lens free) to protect it from the rain. In addition with a bit of strong duct-tape the plastic bag was a perfect solution!
So I was standing outside, the rain hitting my face, soaking wet, taking pictures of lightnings :D awesome!