Sunday, 29 January 2017

Two really amazing theatres!

After a few last exams this week I went two times to theatre with my parents and both performances were really cool! First we saw Simon Libsigs new program. He's a slam-poet from Baden and talked about his four month travel to South America. It was really fun because of the way he told his stories and the two musicians underlining the story with cool groves and funky melodies.

The day after we went to see Carlos Martínez on the small stage in our village. He is a pantomime artist from Barcelona and already performed here once a couple years back. Since we very much enjoyed the show back then, we just had to go again! He performed a piece called "Books without Words" and it was just astounding! I really recommend you seeing his pantomime. You can visit his webpage here.

Yesterday we visited some friends and I had a little guitar-piano jam session with my friend Siro which was a lot of fun :)

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