Sunday, 5 February 2017

Through the lens of an immigrant, Concert recording

This week was great!
On Wednesday I prepared a photography exhibition with Farhad. He's a Syrian photographer who now lives here in Switzerland for about one and a half years as an immigrant. We did a project a couple months back where we went onto the street with him, and he had to take some pictures. Later we analysed them together, and now I offered him the chance to present them at our school.
It was quite some work until we prepared it all! First, we had to get some more presenter-boards form another building, put the pictures on them nicely and help Ali make tea for the exhibition. Just on time everything was ready :D
There were a lot of people, more than I expected. At one time nearly the whole room was full!

Photo by Farhad Ala
My friends had a concert in a small cinema on Thursday, where they performed live music to a muted black & white film. It was really well done, they did a great job!
I was asked to record the whole thing, audio and video. And of course, I did! It took quite some time to set it up, with all the cameras and stuff. Now I still have to edit everything..!