Sunday, 7 December 2014

Magic wins!

Today I did a lot. First of all I woke up quite early to do some of the schoolwork but then at 10:30 Eric and Marg took me to Huntingdon to go to Tesco. There I bought all the ingredients to bake the Swiss Life-Cake (Lebkuchen). It is kind of a chocolate-gingerbred-magic cake which needs a lot of special Swiss powers in it. And it can only made by Swiss people you know that. The first Life Cake was made by the Swiss-idolhero Wilhelm Tell (1570) and was passed the generations. But today most of Swiss population have the recipe in their heads.
In the afternoon straight when I finished baking and took a shower we went to see Nanny in Peterborough. We went to the cinema together to see the Paddington Bear. It was a really cool film and I enjoyed it a lot :D
Afterwards we went home to nanny and they made a lovely soup for us and some cake as well (but magic wins!)