Saturday, 3 December 2016

Funky concert, lovely Christmas market and an awesome theatre!

A week ago me and my friends from Funky Donkey performed at our school for a charity project. I helped all afternoon to prepare everything for the band, carry the drumset and base amp over to the cafeteria and in the evening everything was set and we were ready to go! First the group that organised the whole event had a little presentation about their project. They donated the collected money to the Philippines and made a charity concert!
Before we preformed there was also a Klezmer group, some dancers and a singer preforming. We also played with a Latin music workshop from our school which was great!
But take a look ;)

Winter has arrived and it got very cold outside. Which means I'd prefer to stay indoors in the warmth, but with some exceptions. Mainly if there is an event happening in our region. So today there was a winter market where all products were produced by physically or mentally disabled people and all the profit went to the organisations that help them. It's a very unique market where there are many different stands with various cool things they sell!

Yesterday evening I also went to a very cool theatre called Mummenschanz in Zürich with my parents and my cousin and his girlfriend.
It is such an unique concept of theatre and you should totally look it up or click on this Link! We've enjoyed it a lot :)

Here are also some more pictures from the concert: