Sunday, 18 December 2016

New Store Decoration - Christmas Market - Frosty Cold Pictures

For every season my parents decorate the vitrine of my dad's store. Now there's a really cool winter theme with miniature figures on a tree out of branches with wonderful lights! It looks amazing, that's why I took a cool picture of it :D

(By the way, the lights flying away was made by taking a long-exposure and zooming out ;)

On Friday I went to a really nice market in the old town of Baden with my parents. The cool thing about it was that many ateliers and shops had their doors open and you could take a look around and talk to the owners.
On the street we met two teachers of my school and they told us that there's a really nice meet-up where immigrants cook, with a self made carousel, a warm fire and nice music; of course we wanted to go there! The food was really nice!
Later that evening I went to see the new Star Wars Rouge One which is a great movie and I really recommend it to you ;)

It also got very cold in the last days and every day there's a lot of frost on the plants, but unfortunately no snow yet.. But I took some pictures of the frost (: