Saturday, 24 December 2016

Huge Christmas Celebration - Blind Cow

This week was totally amazing! Next to some last exams before the holidays me and six friends from the focussubject music went to a really cool restaurant together! It's called "BlindeKuh" which is translated to blind cow. One cool thing about this restaurant is that you are served by blind people and blind people cook the food you eat. But the amazing part is that you yourself are in an extremely dark environment. You literally don't see a thing for the whole time you eat dinner!
It's cool because your other senses, for instance tasting and hearing, are extra observant and the food tastes a lot more intense than usual. A really fun and tasty way to experience how it would be if you were not able to see, I can totally recommend it!

Every year there is a huge Christmas celebration at our school. Since it once was a monastery (quite some years in the past) there is still a very big church on the school-grounds. There we sang with the big choir, some small choirs including the teachers choir. Of course the school orchestra played as well. All together it was a lot if fun! You can see some video footage Here.
In addition to singing in the choir I also ran around with my camera all the time. Nearly every time you heard the wood creaked it was probably me on the entablature ^^
But I got some cool shots:

The Teachers-Choir

I also had another concert this week with the SiSoKo. It's the singers-songwiters concert at our school where I accompany some singers on the piano. It wasn't so much fun this time because I was really ill on Thursday and my nose was running all the time..

With my parents I went once again to a very cool winter market in Zürich. It's called Heiliger BimBam and it's very alternative and hipster. I like!
We had a lot of fun and I even met some vendors from last years market!