Saturday, 11 February 2017

More Drone Photography

As some of you might have noticed from previous posts, I've got myself a new photography tool: a drone. It's cool because it's quite tiny and lightweight. Therefore I can fit it into my backpack easily and take it with my wherever I go!
Just a couple hours ago I passed through Zürich to go to the mountains on ski holidays with my parents. I made a little stop in Zürich and flew a few miles around. Here are some of the pictures I took :)

Last weekend my parents and I went to Zuoz for two days. It's a village in the mountains near St. Moritz, tiny but beautiful! I flew around a bit too:

Some might wonder what is going on in this shot. I'll explain: I was actually lying on the floor in a small tower which had a big hole on the top. The rest of that tower was covered in snow (what you can see outside of the ring). 

And here's another picture of Baden taken with the drone:

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