Sunday, 26 February 2017

Probably the best Birthday ever!

Last week I started my three-week internship at the University of Zurich. I’m working at the movie sciences where I can help them doing their boring office stuff, but I can also learn a lot of practical things about old colouring methods, technical things and scanning old film.

Last Friday I had my birthday. In the morning I went to the Uni, did some film scanning and then went to eat lunch with them. One student even made an appetising chocolate cake for me which was so sweet!

Later that afternoon I had free time and went drone-filming at my school for a little project some of my friends are making. It’s about how our school is really ecological and recycles a lot of things :)
Then some friends of mine and I had a meet-up like every Friday with a lot of immigrants at our school. They come around, and we play some volleyball and football together which is a lot of fun, and it’s for a good cause because they can get to know others and speak German with us.
After preparing some really excellent food with a friend, I had a jam session in the evening. We thought we were way too late but then arrived just in time! It was a beautiful and unique jam session with some fresh ideas. They made people write words on paper, and we had to interpret these words into music which was funny and cool (sometimes a little bit chaotic too :). There were words like “Oriental” but also words like “Chives” :D The jam session went on until one o’clock in the morning!

On Saturday I hosted a party for my friend’s return from Guatemala and for my birthday. We made fondue for twelve people and had a lot of fun jamming again!

The same on Sunday when I invited my family over for cake and coffee, more cake, more cake!