Saturday, 24 June 2017

Night Flight

Every two years there's this huge late night event at our school called musicnight. In many different spots outdoors on the school grounds are performances of all kinds. 

Yesterday, for example, the school orchestra was playing film music, I had two performances with the BigBand which were awesome, but there were also dance performances, singing and other musical acts.

The theme of yesterday's event was "Night Flight". It was all about flying and everyone was dressed up either as a captain or some other board crew. We also played a song called Night Flight. The food was lovely too, and there was even a bar inside a real old aeroplane part!

I was also flying with my drone at night because that just fit the topic perfectly. My friends Simon and David gave some RC-helicopter flying lessons next to me while I was live streaming to a huge tv screen with my drone.

Whilst flying around I took some more pictures of our school at day and night and I photographed the highway next to the school with long-time exposure so the cars would draw lines behind them.